Kurt Y. ISCI

I was born at 1980 in Genk, Belgium. I'm a single vader with one daughter.

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 My daughter

My daughter was born at 2010. Her name is N.E. Isci.

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I don't have friends, I have family.

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  • My primary

    I went to the primary school in Montfortschool in Genk. Where I got my primary degree.

  • Highschool

    I finished my highschool at the Holy Heart School, in Hasselt Belgium..

  • Academic

    After the highschool, I went to the Catholic Faculty Limburg, in Belgium. Where I got my BSc.

  • University

    After my first academic studies, I startted with my studies Master. Wich I finneshed in 2007.

  • Careeer

    I worked at several big companys, such as Ford, NMBS-SNCB.

  • Now days...

    I do research at volluntary base at several project.

About N.E. ISCI

N.E. Isci was born in 2010 at Hasselt, Belgium. She goes to the primary school, in Hasselt. As a child, she was verry cleaver.
Her first word was:"Dady come!".

She has a great talent for dancing, theater, singing and ballet. She does verry fine at school. And she is daddy's treasur.

Her most lovelley song is:"Where R you dear?" from Hadis. Her most delaighted meal is rice and beans.

Pictures N.E. ISCI

Houthalenseweg 149
  • +(32) 489 40 70 18
  • info@isci.eu




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